hi πŸ‘‹, i'm kenneth

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Social commerce platform that combines shopping and social media.

Omni is more than just social media, it’s a platform that empowers creators

my story

My entrepreneurial journey began in my early years, back in primary school, where I showed my knack for innovation. I started by deploying a private server for a game and even sold elastic rubber bands for 50 cents per piece, although I had purchased a pack of 50 for just $3. This early venture set the stage for my future endeavors.
As my interest in technology grew, I delved into deploying a private server for an MMORPG game I enjoyed playing with friends. This marked the beginning of my tech exploration, and I soon progressed to working with PHP and creating simple websites for others.
In 2017, I stumbled upon Bitcoin and the concept of decentralization, igniting my passion for cryptocurrency. My conviction in its future was reinforced when I received $1,000 in BTC after discovering a bug in the Grab app and submitting it as a bounty on HackerOne, which later grew to $10,000 during a bullish market.
Realizing that my path wasn't rooted in traditional academics, I made the bold decision to skip my O levels during secondary school and enrolled in the Institute of Technical Education, where I pursued electrical engineering. My dedication paid off as I excelled and secured direct entry into the second year of my polytechnic education, specializing in computer engineering.
Following my education, I had a unique experience serving in the Singapore Armed Forces, where I was deployed to the Foreign Military Liaison Branch. This assignment was truly eye-opening and a valuable part of my journey.
Upon completing my service, I reconnected with my polytechnic, which offered an entrepreneur training course. This is where I conceived the idea for Shopmatey and secured my pre-seed funding of $8,000 SGD. With this financial support, I officially launched Shopmatey on Product Hunt in January 2023, and it quickly gained recognition as the 2nd product of the day.
While working on Shopmatey, I identified a significant challenge in the tech landscape, where major players were competing to dominate the market rather than fostering collaboration. This realization inspired me to work on an innovative solution to integrate the omnichannel experience, leading to the creation of Omni in July 2023. Notably, I secured the Omni.channel domain through the Google Registry.
Currently, I'm simultaneously driving both Shopmatey and Omni forward. In August, I joined Buildspace S4, enhancing my skills and knowledge, and I had the opportunity to attend an in-person event in September, where I connected with fellow builders and had a fantastic time. I'm genuinely excited about the future and the potential of my ventures in the world of cryptocurrency, NFTs, and the broader tech community.

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